October 27, 2013

Weekend Recap & A Sunday Drive

DSC_0021 It was another busy weekend for the Leishman family. I feel like I'm always saying that? Friday night Bryce and I went to the Bountiful Temple. We are really trying to meet our goal of making it to the temple once a month this year. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to sit through a session without getting super uncomfortable or having to pee--pregnancy is so glamorous ;)-- but we are going to try.  We know it will be more difficult getting to the temple once the baby is here too so we're taking full advantage of these last few months of the year and are making it a point to go.

Saturday I spent the day at my mom's.  We ran a few errands together and I also had her make bread with me.  I'm having the hardest time getting my bread to turn out as good as hers and I get so frustrated every time!  I asked her to show me again so I could figure out what I was doing wrong.  I found out a few things that could be affecting it so I'm going to try to make it this week and hope it turns out better!  

Saturday night we had the adult session for our Stake Conference.  I am so glad we went, all of the speakers did amazing!  I don't know if it is the pregnancy hormones or what but I cried in almost every single talk.  Poor Bryce doesn't really know how to respond to my constantly changing emotions these days.  After that we picked up a few things at Walmart for our costumes and then went home and finally made dinner at 10:30. 

We attended Stake Conference this morning (which was full of even more great talks!) and decided after we got home we would take a Sunday drive up to Snowbasin.  We walked around a few hiking trails, let Rory explore her little heart out, and took lots of pictures to commemorate the last bit of fall before it inevitably fades to winter too quickly!
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