October 8, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 32 Weeks

I took these pictures of Rory on Saturday right after I bathed her.  I use the blowdryer on her hair and it makes it so fluffy it just sticks out everywhere.  I think it's so funny.  Her face kills me in these!
DSC_0112Rory is 32 weeks old.  She has been such a sweetheart lately.  She's been extra cuddly and always has to climb up by me whenever I'm on the couch.  I love how happy she is to see me whenever I get home.  She makes me feel like the most important person in the world!  

Bryce and I are really focusing on her training these next few months.  We have set a few goals of things we'd like to teach her before the baby comes.  Aside from the usual training we do with her on a daily basis we are also going to hold 2 scheduled training sessions a week.  We've made it a goal to be diligent with these and to work really hard on teaching her to be  a good, calm, obedient dog.  The main thing we really want to teach her is to stay calm when visitors come over.  We have a plan to teach her to go to a "down-stay" position when someone knocks on the door and not move until we give her the okay.  It will take some work but she is super smart.  I'm sure with some diligent effort from her and us it will be achievable.  I'll be sure to note our progress over the next few weeks! 

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