October 23, 2013

Dear Baby

October 8, 2013

Dear Baby Claire, 

I had my target ultrasound today and it was so special! Your daddy was able to come with me and we got to watch you on the ultrasound for almost an entire hour. We received the best news and were told you are extremely healthy and have no abnormalities or problems to be concerned about. You weigh about a pound and a half now. If you continue to grow at the same rate the doctor estimated you will weigh about 7 and a half pounds when you are born. Of course that is only an estimate so we will just have to wait and see. Big babies tend to run in my family, so I am curious to see the size you end up being. 

We were lucky enough to see a few close up images of your sweet little face during the ultrasound and I think you are already so adorable! You have the cutest little round cheeks and it looks like you have your daddy’s chin. I wonder if you will get my brown eyes or your dad’s green ones. I’m hoping for green and I’m really hoping you get his eyelashes too. They are super long and have the most perfect curl. I always tell him how jealous I am of them. You will be beautiful no matter what though. I cannot wait to finally see your face! 

We are getting so much closer to your due date. I am now 25 ½ weeks along. We only have a little over 14 weeks left. Thinking about how much closer we are to meeting you gives me butterflies, the good kind that flutter around in my tummy from excited anticipation. There are so many holidays and things to look forward to in the next few months so I’m hoping this means the remainder of the pregnancy will go by quickly! 

My birthday is coming up on October 31, (on Halloween)! I will be turning 24 years old. I always wondered how old I would be when I would have my first baby. I don’t think you could possibly be coming at a better time. I think 24 is the perfect age for me to become a mother! I’ve been really blessed and been able to accomplish a lot before reaching this next milestone. I worked hard to finish my schooling and graduated from college. I received a great job in my field of study and after two years of working I received a promotion to the job I’m currently at. I married your daddy in the Bountiful Temple and we will reach our two year anniversary when you are just about two months old. Life has been so good to me. But even with everything I’ve accomplished, next to marrying your dad, you are what I consider to be the most important goal I will have achieved. I hope you know I express my gratitude for you in my prayers every single day. I am so lucky to get to be your mom. 

See you soon little one. 



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