September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday I had a my 20 week doctor's appointment.  I got another ultrasound and got to see our sweet baby again.  Our little Claire is doing so good.  Everything looks perfect so far.  She is measuring about a week ahead in height so she will be tall like her mama :).  I get my target ultrasound next month where the radiologist does the super detailed ultrasound and checks for any problems or abnormalities.  It will be nice to have that appointment over with, it's hard not to worry about her!  

After my doctor's appointment I spent the evening working on Claire's baby quilt and hanging out with Rory.  Bryce is doing his student athletic training clinical hours with Ogden High's Football Team so when there are home games that is where he gets to spend his Friday nights this semester.  
Afterlight  Saturday night Bryce and I went to a concert in Layton featuring Peter Breinholt and Mindy Gledhill.  The concert was at an outdoor amphitheater and when we first got there it was raining quite a bit.  It rained up until a half an hour before the show started, then the weather cleared, and it ended up being a beautiful night.  

I am a huge Mindy Gledhill fan.  I have been following her since I first discovered her back when I was in high school.  I have met her a couple times now and she is just as sweet and darling as her music is.  I was especially excited for this show since she has a new album coming out tomorrow, September 8th!  I figured she would be singing several songs from her new album, and she did.  I love what I have heard so far, and I think it's even better than her last album Anchor.   
My pictures of the concert all turned out pretty much like this.  I forgot my nice camera and only had my phone so....that's what I got!  The concert was so good, even Bryce had fun despite the girly music.  He even knew most of the songs thanks to how frequently I play her albums :)

Below are two of my favorite songs from her new album.  She has been releasing one a day on Youtube for the past week.  The first song is the title track "Pocketful of Poetry" and the second one is titled "Honey."  Take a listen, I think you will all love them as much as I do!


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