September 30, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 31 Weeks

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Rory is 31 weeks old and she officially turned 7 months old a few days ago on September 28th.  Her growth has slowed down a bit the last couple months so she's been the same size for a few weeks now.  She is still losing her blonde puppy fur and is very shaggy and unkempt looking.  She has been the sweetest dog the past few days while we've been sick.  She has been extra cuddly.  The whole time I was sick she curled up right next to me on the couch and hardly left my side.  This is not her normal self.  She will usually only cuddle us for maybe a half an hour before she gets up and finds a more comfortable spot.  Normally she gets bored every couple hours and needs a break outside.  She bugs us by whining or barking at us until we'll take her out.  While we were sick she didn't even whine to go outside once.  We had to remind ourselves to get up and take her out every so often.  Seeing how sweet she was this past weekend has made me really curious of how she will be with our baby girl.  I hope she will have the same protective and caring tendencies towards her!  We still have a few more months until then so hopefully she take on more of those traits and lose a bit of her hyper activeness.  

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