September 23, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 30 Weeks

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 Rory is 30 weeks old.  This past weekend when we left her at my parent's was the first time we've left her overnight anywhere.  I'm going to be horrible at leaving my kids when I'm a mom!  I had to call my mom and check on Rory three hours after we dropped her off.  I just worry about things going okay for everyone!  Rory did pretty good at her sleepover.  My parents said she whined when they first put her in her crate to go to bed, but after a while she finally went to sleep for them.  During the day she just runs and runs outside on their farm.  She loves going there.  As soon as we pull off on to the dirt road and she can tell where we're going her tail starts wagging and she gets super excited. 

Last Friday we got Rory a new crate.  She loooves it.  She was getting pretty cramped in her old one.  Now she can stretch out and there is room for her to grow a little more.
Her favorite sleeping position as a puppy was to stretch out on her back, and it still is her favorite.  We're glad her new crate gives her ample room for this.  (Side note: Can you believe my puppy used to be that small?!) We're still working hard on teaching her not to jump.  This has definitely been the most challenging thing with her.  She gets way too excited and just wants to be loved and petted.  We're trying to reinforce in her mind that when she sits and waits patiently she gets more attention.  If she starts jumping on us we stand still with our arms folded and ignore her until she stops.  It has helped but she's a long way from completely dropping the habit.  I take Rory on a walk almost every night and it has become one of the best parts of my day and I'm sure hers too :)  I love coming home and getting greeted by her.  She is always so excited and so happy to see us.  It's the best.  We love this little stinker.

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