September 16, 2013

Watch Me Grow: 29 Weeks

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Rory is 29 weeks old. That is so crazy to me. I still remember bringing her home as a 7 week old pup! She now weighs 45 pounds! We let her sleep in our room for the first time this last Saturday night instead of in her crate and she did great! She really loves her crate and goes in it on her own to take naps all the time so we didn't really know whether she would like sleeping in our room or not. We just put her little dog bed from her crate by the side of the bed on the floor and she curled right up and slept the whole night. She didn't whine, try to wake us up, or get into anything and cause mischief.  I was very proud! I am an extremely light sleeper so I didn't sleep very well the first night. Anytime she would move around and switch positions I would wake up. We tried it again last night and I did much better. I don't know if it was because I am getting used to her noises or I was just so exhausted from not sleeping well the night before! Either way I think we will keep trying it out a few nights a week. I still want her to stay used to her crate though because we always leave her in her crate when we leave her alone at our house.  I'm thinking for now we'll just let her sleep in our room on weekends and have her sleep in her crate still three or four nights a week so she'll like it and stay used to it.

Here's a little video of her playing fetch with us in the yard with an apple she found.  She loves fetch and she is pretty good at it.  She is better at doing it inside where there are less distractions but she still does great for a six month old puppy!  Bryce has been gone quite a bit since school started and I have been so grateful to have Rory around to keep me company.  She is my little sweetheart and I love spending my days with her. 


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