September 12, 2013

Ready for Fall

DSC_0026 I am not one of those people who love summer and long for it to stay.  I am much more of a fall and winter person.  By the end of July I'm always looking forward to fall.  The rainy weather we've had this week has made me especially excited.  It was cool and rainy when I woke up this morning so I decided to pull my boots out from the back of the closet to wear.  By the time I left work for the day the temperature was back up and it was NOT feeling like fall.  I stopped at Target on my way home and bought a fall candle to lift my spirits.  If it wasn't going to feel like fall at least my house would smell like it!
Afterlight Afterlight Afterlight 
I ordered these felt masks for Claire's nursery and they came in the mail today.  Rory and I tested them out to see what we thought.  We both approve.  Claire is going to love playing with these one day.  I guess you could say my love of fall influenced the woodland theme I chose for the nursery.  I haven't checked the forecast for next week but I'm really really hoping it will finally cool down.  My fingers and toes are crossed!


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