September 8, 2013

New Office/Craft Room

Bryce and I live in a little two bedroom basement apartment.  For the year and a half that we've lived here we used the second bedroom as our office/craft room.  We had a desk set up in there for Bryce to study at and for me to use to do my sewing and crafting.  We used the room as a place to store all of Bryce's books and school things as well as my fabric and crafting supplies.  When we found out we were expecting we knew it meant we would have to clean out the second bedroom to use for the nursery.  So we got to work and cleaned everything out of the second bedroom and created a little office/craft corner in our living room.  I wanted to get it all cleaned out so I could get working on the nursery and finish most of the big projects before Bryce got super busy with school.  Bryce built some shelves in what used to be a giant cubby (I'm not really sure what it was intended for), I picked up a new desk and some storage boxes from Ikea, and we created a pretty good little set up. 
DSC_0001 DSC_0007
Our living room now functions as a dining room/living room/office/craft room.  When you live in a little apartment you seem to find a way to creatively use up every nook and cranny!  Really though, we have both put a lot of work and effort into our little basement and we are so happy with how everything has turned out. 


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