September 4, 2013

Labor Day 2013

On Labor Day this year we celebrated at a family party with my mom's side of the family (the Richins').
The party was held at my parent's house.  We had a big barbecue and ate hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, etc.  All of the standard barbecue staples were included.  After lunch all of the boys did Target shooting and the girls visited and watched from the porch.  The three oldest girl cousins (Laci, my cousin Kylie, and me) are all pregnant at the same time so we had fun talking pregnancy and babies all day.  Laci and Kylie are both due this month and we are all so excited for the first great-grandbabies on the Richins side of the family.
Later Bryce and some of the other boys did a little fishing.  My parents farm is well equipped to entertain boys with acres of land to roam, shooting targets that are practically permanent in the fields, and even a creek to fish or swim in. 
I spent much of my childhood tubing, swimming, and exploring the creek.  It was fun for me to share it with Bryce and my fur baby :)  Rory and I walked down to the creek to watch Bryce fish, but we only stayed for a few minutes.  Rory kept trying to get in the water and Bryce said she was "disturbing" the fish. 
(Proof of Rory's swimming attempts) 

What a good way to celebrate the end of Summer!  We had so much fun spending time with family and enjoying the last of the warm weather.  I've been ready for fall for a while though, so hopefully it will take it's cue that it can come now!


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