September 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: Bows, Babies, and Bowling

This past weekend was quiet yet busy at the same time. Friday night Bryce had to attend another football game for athletic training so I spent the evening at home. I watched The Time Traveler's Wife and was able to finish Claire's baby quilt (pictures to come soon!). That movie probably wasn't the best choice to watch while pregnant. I was way too emotional and cried during most of it. All I can say is I'm glad my husband doesn't time travel :) 
Our washer broke this past week so my sister Laci graciously offered to let me use hers on Saturday. Saturday was also my sweet sister's due date, but unfortunately she hadn't had any signs of labor yet. We decided we would make a girl's day out of it and do a craft to help keep her mind off the fact that she was forty weeks pregnant. In between loads of laundry (7 to be exact!) we made a whole bunch of felt & fabric bows to make into headbands for our baby girls. We found a couple of tutorials on pinterest and they were really easy to make. We had fun talking about pregnancy, babies, and picturing our little girls wearing all of the cute bows. My sister and I have been pregnant together since I found out I was pregnant in May. It has been soo nice to have someone to go through it with and talk about it with all the time. Not that Bryce isn't a good listener, but he doesn't quite have the first hand experience Laci does. We will probably only be pregnant together for a few more days and than she will get to start the fun part of being a mom. I am sooo excited for her I can hardly stand it!! 

After I finished all of my laundry and our crafting Bryce and I went bowling with his family. I knew it would be interesting seeing as I haven't been bowling since high school, so in over five years, and I was now going to attempt it at twenty two weeks pregnant. I actually did better than I thought I would and scored a 94! My baby bump is still pretty small so it didn't make it too difficult. I can only imagine trying to bowl later in pregnancy when your baby bump is extremely prominent and has completely thrown off your center of gravity. It's probably not something I will try! 

We only bowled one game and then had to do our grocery shopping we hadn't had time for yet. I usually go by myself on Saturday afternoons while Bryce is working but he was lucky enough to get the chance to go with me last night. I have to say I had much more fun going with him than I do going by myself. He always seems to make the most mundane tasks so much fun, I don't know how he does it!  I think it will be a very useful skill for him when he becomes a dad. 

It should be noted we spent a good ten minutes in the candy aisle deciding what we wanted for a treat. We debated between Reeses mini pb cups, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, and Caramel Apple Suckers. We ended up going with a bag of Caramel Apple Suckers because they would last the longest. I remember using that reasoning as a kid whenever I chose candy. It's funny that at 23 years of age that was still the deciding factor. 
DSC_0042 We will be spending the last day of our weekend staying home today, eating no bake cookies, and I am going to try talk Bryce in to watching The Sound of Music with me.  It's not looking very promising though...he is trying to tell me he needs to study or something.  Excuses!


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