August 22, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

8 Weeks
(Obviously not showing yet, this is more a point of reference picture)
12 Weeks
(Still not really showing)
16 Weeks
(Finally a little bump!)
17 Weeks
18 Weeks 

I decided it was time I do an actual pregnancy update.  We kept it secret for so long it still is kind of weird to talk about it out in the open.  I didn't start taking a weekly picture until I was actually showing, I just thought it was kind of pointless to have weekly pictures of me looking exactly the same.  That is why it jumps from 8 to 12 to 16 weeks.  Even still what I wear makes a huge difference with how "pregnant" I look.  I'm excited to really start showing and be out of the awkward in between stage.  All my clothes just fit weird.  They're not exactly too small but I just look weird in them and not obviously pregnant yet.  Anyway, enough of my rambling, on to the update...

How far along? 18 weeks
How big is baby? The size of a mango 
Maternity clothes? The only thing I've bought is a maxi dress for church.  I'm way past being able to squeeze into my pencil skirts anymore.
Stretch markes? Not yet...but I'm sure they are inevitable.
Sleep: I haven't had a huge problem sleeping, but I have to get up and pee like 4 times a night.  I never really wake up feeling rested.  The constant bathroom trips are probably why.
Best moment of the week? Feeling my baby girl move all the time.  I felt her move for the first time at 16 1/2 weeks and now I feel her wiggle around constantly.  It was a little weird at first but now I love it.  It's like she's sending me a little reminder saying "Don't worry mom I'm still doing good in here."
Food cravings? When I was first pregnant I had a hard time eating.  I wasn't really sick, I never had morning sickness or threw up but everything tasted gross and so weird.  I LOVE diet coke and couldn't even drink it for almost two months because it tasted so nasty.  Now it tastes great again ;)  During the first couple months basically the only thing I wanted to eat was macaroni and cheese.  It was really weird but it was the only thing that didn't taste disgusting.  Lately I've been craving Green smoothies. They are my favorite.  I used to have one almost every day but then I stopped for a while.  Now that I've been pregnant I want them all the time.  I've been meaning to post my recipe on here.  It's really yummy.
Symptoms? I've been soooo lucky so far in my pregnancy.  I really haven't had any symptoms.  I never had morning sickness and I haven't had heartburn or anything.  I get pretty tired especially after a long day at work but it hasn't been too bad.  This week I have started having round ligament pain.  It is awful!  My stomach is way tender and it just hurts from the constant stretching.  And I realize this is only the beginning...
Movement: As mentioned earlier, I have been feeling her move quite a bit lately.  It's usually when I'm sitting at my desk at work, driving in the car, or when I'm laying down in bed.
Gender? girl!
Belly button in or out? in.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy this week.  I haven't been too moody for a couple weeks.  My husband has liked the change :)
Miss Anything? Having clear(er) skin, sushi, smaller boobs, and being able to function on less than 8 hours of sleep.  Of course I wouldn't trade her for anything though.  I am getting so excited to meet this little girl. 


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