February 20, 2013

Photography Homework Week 2

I finished up week 2 of my photography class, and I am loving it so much!  I by no means ever plan on being a professional photographer, but it is a hobby I enjoy and have always wanted to improve.  This class is perfect for that.  It is a one month online course through nicolesclasses.com.  The class has weekly video tutorials and weekly reading assignments that have tons of information for learning the basics of digital and film photography.  You also submit homework once a week and Nicole Gerulat, the teacher, critiques it for you.  She is an awesome teacher and is wonderful at helping you learn how you can improve your photos.  These are all the shots I submitted for week two.
DSC_0058  -Kami

February 18, 2013

Feeding Geese on a Sunday Afternoon

DSC_0076On Sunday after church and too many episodes of The Office I suggested to Bryce we go to Beus park and feed the geese.  Bryce thought it was a good idea and quickly changed into his Toronto Hockey Jersey that he got on his mission.  I have never seen him wear this the entire time we've been married.  I laughed and asked if he just wanted the geese to feel at home.  He replied stating, "No, actually I just wanted to look weird because I knew you'd take pictures." Touche.
DSC_0074 Bryce was better at feeding the geese then me, and by better I guess I mean more calm.  They were seriously aggressive geese and if you didn't throw the bread quick enough they started pecking your legs!  I took a short turn and left most of the feeding to Bryce.
I named this one George.

Happy President's Day!  I would love making Mondays off part of my standard work week.


February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Last year on Valentine's Day Bryce cooked a special dinner for me so this year instead of going out and fighting all the crowds I said it would be my turn to cook a special dinner for him.  We had marinated steak, baked sweet potatoes, and green beans sauteed with olive oil and garlic. 
DSC_0065 We agreed on exchanging cards and gifts with a $15 limit.  Bryce learned when we started dating that I am one of the few girls who would rather not get flowers.  I think they're very pretty and a sweet gesture but I would rather get something that doesn't die in a matter of days.  While Bryce was picking up my gift he saw some fake daffodils and thought he would still surprise me with flowers "that wouldn't die".  I laughed when he gave them to me.  That boy is so thoughtful.
I gave Bryce the fox card and he gave me the heart one.
I had a hard time thinking of a fun surprise for Bryce that only cost $15.  After a few days of brainstorming I finally came up with the idea of getting him a desk sized anatomy model.  He loves learning about the body and constantly is telling me things about it that he's learned so I hoped it would be a fun surprise for him.  He loved it.  He was so excited he put the whole thing together as soon as we finished eating dinner.  

Bryce gave me a new book, The Guardian.  He knows me so well.  Reading is my most favorite hobby.  I couldn't have picked a better gift out myself.  After dinner and exchanging gifts we ended the night with a movie, popcorn, and cuddling.  It was such a fun little holiday and a welcome excuse to celebrate Love.


February 12, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend of our Eleventh Month of Marriage

I started my photography class last Monday so this weekend Bryce got to be my model for some of my homework. Don't let him tell you different, he loved it. 
DSC_0050 (more photography homework- comparing aperture) 
We got a new rug for under our dining table.  A million and one people have it, but I don't care I still love it.  
I've been reading Elder Maxwell's biography.  It's goood.  He lived such an exemplary life.
DSC_0001On Sunday I realized it was the 10th of February, meaning we had reached our eleventh month anniversary!  We celebrated with homemade bread that had conveniently just come out of the oven.  One more month till we hit the year mark. Time is going too fast.