December 27, 2012



Since it was our first Christmas married, Bryce and I decided to start some new holiday traditions we would do with our family and continue to do when we have kids.  The first thing we decided to do for gifts was stick with getting four gifts, one from each of the following categories: 'Want, wear, need, read'.  I first read about this tradition on Dandee's blog a few years ago and always kept it in the back of my mind as something I wanted to do when I had my own family.  It made our Christmas lovely & simple and helped us not get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday season.

 We went to the Salt Lake Temple the weekend before Christmas and did a session and then walked around to see the lights.  This was one of my favorite things and is something I would really like to do every year to help remember the Savior and the whole reason we even celebrate. 

We also decided exchange ornaments on Christmas Eve.  These were our ornaments this year.  Bryce gave me the gold key and I gave him the Batman ornament, obviously.


My mom carried on the tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas this year, but once we have our own kids I plan on continuing the tradition in my own family.


On Christmas morning we slept in until ten then woke up, made cinnamon rolls, and opened presents.  Bryce's gifts were Want: gun cleaning kit. Wear: striped american eagle shirt. Need: sander. Read: The Bourne Identity Trilogy.  My gifts were Want: jewelry box. Wear: zara peplum tee shirt. Need: calendar. Read: Les Miserables.


Besides our gifts we exchanged with each other, we were given so much by our parents and grandparents.  Our families are the best and spending time with them during the holidays is my favorite thing.  The holidays seem to fill me with gratitude.  The presents were extremely fun to give and receive but the part I loved most was getting to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with Bryce and our families.  


December 10, 2012

Repost- Hair: A Journey through the Color Spectrum

Bryce and I got hair cuts and I also got mine colored this past Saturday by my sweet sister.  She is the best and she does such an awesome job.  I didn't do anything drastic, I just stuck to the usual dark brown I do every couple of months to shine it up and cover my roots.  I was reminded of a post I wrote on my old blog a couple years ago when I was still single and had a traumatic hair experience so I thought I would do a re-post.

Hair: A journey through the color spectrum 

 (proof of the once upon a time blonde hair)

Once upon a time, there was a girl, her name might have started with a k and rhymed with whammy. She was a twenty one year old enjoying college life, preparing for the future. She was what you might picture as a typical girl in college. She had brown hair, which might not seem so significant now, but it is very important to later in the story. Years before when the girl was younger she used to have a full head of blonde hair. But the older she grew, the darker her hair went. Around the age of seventeen she decided to fully embrace the darker hue. She quit highlighting her hair and instead dyed it a pretty dark brown color. She felt like the color suited her well and she was content with her new life as a brunette. Several years passed. She graduated high school, moved away to college, transferred universities, and moved back home to finish up school. She started getting a little bored with her mundane life of school and work and decided she needed a change. She saw a movie with Gwyneth Paltrow and her hair was a beautiful, bright shiny blonde shade. The girl knew her hair needed to be that exact color. This would definitely add the needed excitement to her life.

(this is what she was going for)
So she went to her sister, who conveniently was a hairdresser. She explained the color she wanted her hair, and they dove into the process. Her sister explained since she had been coloring her hair brown for several years it might be a little difficult to bleach it back to blonde, but it shouldn’t be impossible it just might take a few times. The first thing done was a bleach wash, which would bleach out all of the brown color in her hair. The girl washed out her hair and looked in the mirror. She was distraught at what she saw. Her hair was a sickly, mustard yellow color. She looked like the Joker on batman.

(it was really quite something awful)

She was a little hysterical but her sister reassured her that they just needed to highlight and tone it, and it would be a pretty blonde color. So the next process of highlighting was done, unfortunately with no better results. Her hair was definitely NOT blonde. It was yellow, gross, and she was close to tears with her sickly yellow hair.

(picture something like this)
Her sister explained she probably had too much dye load from coloring it brown for so long so it didn’t process the way it was supposed to. The girl decided she had made a horrible mistake and they needed to color it back brown as soon as possible. They couldn’t put any more color on it that night or it would probably fry and break her hair off. She definitely did not want this to happen. To prevent any more damage from happening to her hair she would need to wait at least a day or two to try and fix it. This meant the girl would have to go to work and school with mustard hair. She was not excited about this, but she disguised it the best she could. She slicked it back into a bun and put a thick headband on that covered most of her head. Despite a lot of self-consciousness, she made it through the day. The next night they tried to color it brown again. They applied the color and let it sit for thirty minutes. She washed her hair and hesitantly looked in the mirror again, not knowing what to expect. Instead of a dark brown color, her hair was now a light brownish orange.

(something like this)

This was not good. The girl bit her lip and held back tears. It was only hair she kept telling herself, they could still fix it. Her sister felt extremely bad that her hair was not working, but she concluded that they hadn’t used a dark enough brown color. She would have to wait ANOTHER FEW DAYS with orange hair before they could try and fix it again. So she stuck to her bun and headband hairdo and unwillingly made it through the next couple days of work (she did skip class to make herself feel a little better). Friday night (five days after the beginning of this horrible experience) they dyed her hair back to the dark brown color it was before. The girl learned from the whole ordeal that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Blonde hair did bring excitement to her life, but it wasn’t quite the excitement she was hoping for. She decided she was completely content with life as a brunette and vowed to never try and change it again.

Since I'm sure you will all want to know here is what it looked like when we were finished, finally back to normal:



December 6, 2012

Where are you snow?

My house is totally ready for Christmas.  I fully prepared it with homemade snow globes, garlands, stockings, and glitter snowflakes on our walls.  Our presents are even all wrapped and under the tree, and I think I've already watched every Christmas movie on Netflix.




But there is still something of huge significance missing. Utah, you are failing me!  Where is the snow?  You should look like a shiny, sparkly north pole by now!  Weather man is telling me to expect snow this Saturday.  If it doesn't happen, you and I are going to have a talk.


December 4, 2012

Christmas Adventure


Last Saturday morning I opened my weary eyes and smiled as I remembered our plans for the day.  I rolled over and lovingly poked Bryce until he gave in to the annoyance and grumbled, "I'm awake already!"  

"Good," I replied, "We have so much to do today.  We need to get up and get going!"

"Ugh," he grumbled again, "Can't it wait another hour."

"No, it can't even wait five more minutes.  This is a very important day!"  My remark was applauded by the irritating vibration noises of a cell phone.  Bryce rolled out of bed and picked up his phone just as the call ended. 

"It was brother 'so-and-so' from the ward," he mumbled distractedly as he dialed some keys on the phone.

"Don't call back!" I cried.  A call from brother 'so-and-so' (obviously not his real name) on a Saturday only meant one thing.

"Too late," Bryce whispered back as a muffled voice picked up on the other end. A short conversation was exchanged and I sighed loudly making my frustrations known.

"I have to go help a family in the ward move," Bryce stated as he set his phone back on the dresser. 

"I know," I pouted, "that's the only reason you ever get called on Saturdays.

Bryce laughed as he pulled me in to a hug. 

"It will be fast, I promise.  I'll still be back in time."


Bryce returned from his Saturday duties and we finally started out on our little Saturday adventure.  We played Christmas songs as we drove and sang as obnoxiously as we could to get us in the holiday spirit.  We drove for what felt like a hundred miles (okay probably two and a half) and made it to the last treacherous turn that would lead us to our destination.  Treacherous, I might add, due to the ridiculously long line of cars ahead of us in the turning lane and sadly not due to a snowy mountainous landscape thwarting our way.  

We pulled our car in to the vast expanse of black and attentively parked as far away as we could.  You know, to get the full experience.  I squealed with excitement as I looked out the window.  Bryce walked around and opened my door.  I pulled on my mittens and firmly adjusted my hood over my ears to shield me from the bitter cold.  Bryce laughed as he accompanied me across the parking lot in his short sleeve T-shirt and jeans.

As we walked into the fenced area I smiled at Bryce and declared it a Christmas Oasis.  There were rows and rows of majestic evergreen beauties all tucked together just waiting to be picked and taken home.

Bryce shrugged, "Yeah I think this home depot has more trees than we saw at the other lot. It will work."

I carefully scrutinized every single tree; well, every single tree in the $24.97 row, college student budget you know.  

"Okay this one," I decided.  "No wait, never mind I think the first one is better."

Bryce hastily agreed before I could change my mind again, "Oh yeah, the first one is way better.  That's the one!" 

He dutifully marched our tree up to the cashier, handed over the ticket and cash, and the tree officially became ours.  We loaded our all five feet of our tree into the back of our ford focus hatchback, and took our new baby home.

We proudly set our very first tree up in a perfect little corner and decorated her extravagantly with dollar store ornaments, paper doilies, a homemade pom-pom garland, and lots and lots of lights.

Our adventure may not have been quite as gallant as our original plan of lumberjacking it into the mountains to chop down our own tree, but thanks to my flair for the dramatic we still made it quite an adventure all the same. 

Meet Cordelia.  Cordelia the Christmas Tree.



December 2, 2012

Festival of Trees

This week for our date night- instead of the usual me reading or watching a movie by myself while Bryce studies-we went to the Festival of Trees!


I have gone to the Festival of Trees several times, and I used to volunteer at it back in high school for National Honor Society, but it was Bryce's first time.  At first he thought it was a really girly event.  I explained to him that all the trees were donated in memory of patients at Primary Childrens Medical Center or loved ones who had passed away and all the proceeds went to Primary Childrens.  Then he thought it was pretty cool.

(This is what happens when I ask my husband to take the picture)

 (The typical BYU vs. U of U rivalry ever present in Utah)

They also have a gingerbread section that we thought was really neat.  There are some seriously talented people who are very generous with their time and efforts.


Sometimes, well a lot of the time now that finals are approaching, I feel like I saw Bryce way more when we were dating then now being married. Needless to say we were long due for a date night.  And just to clarify, even with the lack of time together, married life is still much much better than life when we were dating.  Especially not having to say goodbye at the end of every night.  That is one of the best things.  Instead we get to say goodnight and goodmorning every single day.  It's the best.