September 27, 2012

Hello Fall!

 (I came home from work to this today.  My husband is the best at leaving surprise messages!)

My FAVORITE season is finally here! I adore this time of year. I love the colors, the chill in the air, boots, jackets, & scarves, Halloween movies, and pumpkin everything. Things have been so busy lately with work and Bryce's never ending school schedule, that we hardly ever get to see each other.  So I am making a fall to-do list and I am determined that we are going to accomplish everything on it!

To Do:
1.  Go to a corn maze
2.  Carve pumpkins
3.  Have a fall picnic
4.  Go apple picking
5.  Go on a drive in the mountains and take pictures of all the pretty leaves.

To Make & Eat
1.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies *we may have already done this once already, see above picture
2.  Caramel apples
3.  Pumpkin pancakes
4.  Hot apple cider
5.  Candy Corn *this one is just eat :)

To Watch:
1.  Hocus Pocus
2.  Rear Window
3.  Wait Until Dark
4.  Hotel Transylvania
5.  You've Got Mail

There. I feel good about Fall 2012 already.  Making lists does that to me.