February 29, 2012



This is the number of days until I am married.  Of course I am extremely excited and so so happy, but at the same time I can't help but feel a sense of apprehension.  Most everything in my life will change in either a minor or major way.  My whole life while growing up I did not plan on being married until I was in my late twenties, 25 at the earliest. 

I'm not sure exactly why, it is just the way I felt it would happen.  I have been a very independent person and a bit of a perfectionist ever since I was a child.  I have always liked to do things on my own, and do them a certain way.  With marriage, obviously this will have to change a little.  I will have to learn to rely on my husband as much as I rely on myself.  I will have to learn to accept that he might not make the bed with hospital corners or load the dishwasher with all of the spoons, forks and knives in separate compartments. I will have to learn to accept that he doesn't fold towels or jeans the same why I do (even if it makes me cringe when I see him do it wrong). I will have to learn to compromise somehow because we both insist on sleeping on the right side of the bed. 

So, for the next few months I've decided this will be my motto:

I will hold myself to a standard of Grace not perfection

And if that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure an extra diet coke or two will definitely help ;)


February 16, 2012


Goodness, you guys I am spoiled. Bryce surprised me on Valentine's (or Valentime's as I used to call it in my younger years) with the cutest dinner.  He made a salad, grilled salmon, steamed asparagus, and rice.  It was the first time he had cooked for me so I was a little skeptical, but it was SO good.  I didn't even know I was marrying someone who could cook!  He has been holding out on me, probably for good reason.  Now that I know he has kitchen skills I will be sure to put them to use.  He gave me a single yellow rose and a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure so my fingers and toes can be all prettied for the wedding.

I made him his favorite desert, strawberry cheesecake and attempted to make it look like the Captain America symbol to go with his gift.  I got him Captain American on dvd and a Captain America T-shirt.  
After dinner we ended the night watching the office.  It was the perfect Valentime's Day, could not have been better.


February 7, 2012

Newlywed Game


Last Saturday Bryce's family threw me a shower.  One of the games we played was a quick version of the Newlywed Game.  Before the shower Bryce filled out a sheet with several questions and had to first write what his answer would be and second what he thought my answers would be.  At the shower I had to pick a number and then guess what his answer was and what he thought my answer would be.  He deserves props because he did really well on most of my answers, well all the ones he was serious on.  This post is more for me than anyone else, I wanted a way to make sure I'd remember all his answers. Here they are, with added commentary from me :)

Newlwed Game Questions:                                                  
1) Favorite Sports Team
Bryce: 49ers 
Kami: Jazz *Easy question, I got both of these answers right

2) Favorite Item of clothing to wear all the time?   
Bryce: Socks *Umm, I have never heard him say anything about socks in his life he totally just made that up            
Kami: The Ring *I got this answer wrong, I guessed skirt because he is always making fun of me for wearing skirts almost every day

3) Last Movie you watched together?
Bryce: Secret Garden
Kami: Secret Garden *I got this answer right, he loved this movie by the way, no matter what he tells you :)

4) When did you know you were in love?
Bryce: The first time I kissed her  *I wasn't sure on his answer for this, I just said that he knew before I did
Kami: After she dumped me *Ha ha, I didn't know what he said on this answer either, but this is probably true.  I don't know if I knew I loved him for sure after I dumped him but I knew I felt differently about him because I realized I missed him and wanted to actually commit to dating him after we broke up

5) If you two could live anywhere what would the first choice be?
Bryce: New Zealand *This was a suprise to me, I'd never heard him say this
Kami: New York *Totally true, he knows me very well

6) Which of your friends do they like the best?
Bryce: He said I would say Brance *Yep I guessed right on this question
Kami: His answer was that he likes Laci the best of my friends *I got this one right too and said it was probably because she's the only one he really knows

7) Favorite Beverage?
Bryce: Juice *I got this wrong, I guessed milk.  This was hard I knew he doesn't like pop or anything like that so I wasn't really sure what he would say
Kami: Diet Coke *Ha, I did get this right and again he knows me so well :)

8) What do you eat on your hamburger?
Bryce: Everything *pretty easy question, another one I got right
Kami: He said I would not eat the Hamburger *My answer was I don't eat them, good job Bryce!

9) Last gift your fiance gave you?
Bryce: Shirt *I got this answer right.  I always end up getting him one when I am shopping for myself if I find something on sale.  Bryce mentioned once he has gotten more clothes since he started dating me than ever in his whole life.  Lucky him :)
Kami: A ring *Correct, but it was not just a ring it was THE ring

10) Where and when did you first meet?
Bryce: His answer was 6th grade
Kami: He answered 6th grade for me as well *I got this wrong, I said technically we met at institute because that is the first time we actually spoke

11) Dream Career?
Bryce: Pediatrician
Kami: Mom *I got both of the answers correct on this question too

12) Ideal number of children?
Bryce: 6
Kami: 6 *We had talked about this before so I got this question correct easily

13) Favorite move?
Bryce: Captain America
Kami: Gone with the Wind *He is sooo good, he pays attention more than I thought.  I was genuinely surprised he new this was my favorite movie

14) Favorite flower?
Bryce: Tulips *I had no idea on this, boys don't usually have a favorite flower??
Kami: he said my answer would be NONE, they die *Ha ha, he was right.  I always say I never want flowers for a gift because they just die, so I would rather have something else

15) Fiance's best feature?
Bryce: He said "Her Ambition" *I was first asked what he thought I would say and was told the correct answer was "his butt" so I was assuming he would try to be funny on this one too and say my best feature was my butt...
Kami: He answered that I would say his butt *I got this wrong, I said his sense of humor, but I think his answer proves my point

16) Favorite dessert?
Bryce: Strawberry Cheesecake *I got this answer wrong, I had no clue what his favorite was
Kami: He said my answer would be vegetables *Ha, I love that this is what he answered. I am not a big fan of dessert and rarely eat it.  He knows I would much rather have veggies or fruit, so lots of points for him for again knowing me so well

I think since we both got so many answers right on this little quiz, statistically speaking we have a high likelihood of staying married :)  I'm pretty happy to be marrying someone who can always make me laugh and knows me like the back of his hand.

Happy Tuesday everyone!