January 27, 2012

Did you ask my dad?!?!

Bryce and I had been talking about marriage for a couple months before we were actually engaged, so we both knew he would be proposing sooner rather than later.  On the weekend of Black Friday we decided to go shopping and just “look” at rings and get my ring size.  We found out my ring size at the first jeweler but went to a few different ones so Bryce could get an idea of what I wanted.  I already knew exactly what I wanted.  I just wanted a simple white gold band with a solitaire diamond.   I tried on a few different rings but I hated the way all of them looked except for the solitaire, so I knew my mind was not changing on that.  All of the jewelers gave us the usual scripted sale on that we wanted it to be special, the highest quality, meaningful, not to settle, yada yada yada.  By the second jeweler I was so irritated at the salesman I didn’t even want to look anymore. 

We ended up looking at one more place and found the exact ring I wanted on clearance for more than half off.  It was such a good deal there was no way we could pass it up.  Bryce was a little sad because he hadn’t wanted me to be there when he bought it but I told him it didn’t matter because it would still need to be sized before he could pick it up so I still wouldn’t know when he would actually pick it up or propose.  A few weeks went by without us really talking about it.  He had mentioned at one point he, of course, would ask my dad for his permission before he proposed.  My parents were both expecting this as well, and they kept me updated almost daily, “Well, he still hasn’t asked yet.  Are you sure this is really going to happen?” I would roll my eyes, only a little dramatically, and shrug off their sarcasm. 

A couple of weeks before Christmas we went to Temple Square to see the lights.  We walked around the grounds and looked at the indoor exhibits before making our way around to the reflection pool.  We were looking at some of the nativity displays when Bryce noticed the famous “proposal pedestal”.  He grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards it.  I adamantly said no and told him I was NOT going over there.  Those that know me know I am very opposed to public displays of affection, and anything that draws attention to me in public.  It took a few months before I would even hold his hand in public, and still the only person we have kissed in front of is my brother (and NOT by my choice at all, Bryce was trying to embarrass me in front of him).  I was desperately trying to plant my feet to the ground and pull Bryce in the other direction, unsuccessfully.  He finally picked me up and hauled me fireman style to the pedastal.  I pulled my hood on to try and hide my face.  My cheeks were burning with embarassment.  There were a few groups of people around that started to watch so I tried not to make a scene putting up too much of a fight.  Bryce planted me firmly on the pedestal and stated confidently "Kami I need to ask you something."

I was so embarassed and frustrated at this point that I exclaimed "No!  I don't want you to ask me anything!"

Bryce started laughing and got down on one knee.  I started freaking out a little and more people were watching.  I frantically tried to pull him back up to a standing position, but made little progress.  He was holding one of my legs firmly on the pedestal and one of my hands when he looked up at me trying to stifle his laughter.  Again he stated "Kami I need to ask you something....(dramatic pause).......will you wait here with me while I tie my shoe?"

I promise it was not even funny, no matter what he says.  I hit him a few times as he was laughing at his cleverness and was finally able to get down and walk away. I was still hiding under my hood and made it a point to not look at anyone's faces or reactions.  Bryce caught up with me and gave me a big hug from behind explaining he was sorry but it was too good of an opportunity for him to pass up.  

Another week went by.  More prying and sarcasm from my parents.  It was the Friday of my sister's reception and Bryce was leaving to California for a week and wouldn't be back until Christmas Eve.  He came to the reception and I was able to see him for a few minutes before he left.  When I got home that night there was a small gift bag left on the couch.  The bag had a picture of a ring on the outside of it.  The lights were off so I briefly looked in the bag and saw a ring box and assumed it was my sister's (who had recently been married a week prior) so I left it where I found it.  The next morning my sister came to pick up a few things she had left at home.  I was passing to the kitchen when she called from the living room, "Kami what is this bag in here?"  I casually replied, "Oh that's yours."

She quickly corrected me, "Umm NO, it's not.  It says: To Kami, from Secret Admirer."

Confused I quickly went into the living room to inspect it.  Sure enough it was addressed to me and on the other side of the card it said do not open until Christmas.  "Oh gosh," I replied with the obligatory eye roll.  There was no way I was waiting until Christmas.  I pulled the ring box out of the bag and opened it to find inside a picture of a ring.  Laci and her husband started laughing.  I had a bit of a different view on the situation, although they found it very comical. 

Bryce finally returned the day before Christmas Eve.  He spend all of Christmas Eve with me attending my family parties.  I was with him all day, so I knew he still hadn't talked to my dad.  Christmas morning I woke up and spent some time with my parents.  My Mom casually stated, "Bryce still hasn't talked to your dad.  I was expecting him to propose on Christmas, but maybe it will happen on New Year's or something instead."

I looked at my dad suspiciously, "He hasn't asked you?  Do you swear?" 

He answered in return, "I promise he has not said a word to me about it.  I would tell you!  I told your sister right after it happened for her."  I decided he was telling the truth.  I knew him pretty well and knew he would be too excited to keep that a secret from me. 

Later that morning I went to Bryce's to spend the day with him and his family  We went to church from his house and when we got there I headed up to sit on the stand to lead the music.  Bryce nudged me on my way up saying, "I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back." 

"Okay. See you," I replied nonchalantly.  Bryce came back into the chapel after the sacrament had been passed, but I did not think anything of it.  After church we went to his family parties all day and did not return to my house until around 9 pm.  We talked with my family for a while before they headed to bed when Bryce suggested we go for a walk.  I thought this was an unusual request since it was almost midnight and the middle of December.  It wasn't what I would call optimal walking weather.  I begrudgingly agreed.  My mind bounced around a few of the possibilities of what the walk would entail, but referring back to recent instances I reassured myself if anything Bryce was just trying to play a joke on me again.  We walked for about ten minutes before returning to my house.  We were standing on my porch facing eachother and talking.  I put my hands in his coat pockets.  He sort of flinched and gave me a kind of funny look.  I thought it a little odd but brushed it off and we kept talking.  After about a minute he paused and asked, "Do you know what's in my pocket?"

My heart started pounding and I could feel my eyes widening.  I kept repeating to myself over and over, "This is just a joke.  He's just teasing you.  He hasn't even asked for permission yet!"

I slowly replied, "No...?"

He smiled and said, "My hands."

I groaned and shoved him playfully.

He smiled again and said, "And this ring."  He pulled the ring box out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

My stomach dropped.  At this point I could not even breathe.  My thoughts were racing a million miles a minute.  I was so confused, happy, and shocked that I could not formulate how I was supposed to respond. 

Bryce grabbed my hand with one of his and started his speech, "Kami, I love you..."

I interrupted him and disconcertedly exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! Have you talked to my dad?! Did you ask my dad?! Have you talked to him?! "

Bryce ignoring my questions continued, "I love you and I want to spend forever with you.  Will you marry me?"

I was so perturbed I could not even answer his question so I just kept asking, "When did you talk to my dad?!  Did you ask my dad? DID YOU ASK HIM?!"

Bryce a bit annoyed at this point irritatedly declared, "Yes of course I asked him!"

My mind quieted and I looked at him for a second.  "Okay.  Well, then yes."

He started laughing, stood up, and kissed me.  I was still trying to figure out when it had happened or if my parents had lied to me.  I pulled away and asked, "Wait, so when did you ask him?  I talked to them both this morning and they insisted that you hadn't asked still."

"I asked when I went to the "bathroom" at church.  I left church and went to your house really quick to ask today.  I knew you would be with me all day so he wouldn't have a chance to tell you," he explained.

"Oh....well, if he said it was okay, then I guess I will go through with it," I jokingly replied smiling up at him. 

He smiled back, put the ring on my finger,

 and that is how it happened.


January 21, 2012

Ice Skating

Ice Skating...

Pictures from going skating Wednesday.

January 19, 2012

How it all started

Well for the beginning of this little blog of ours I guess I will answer the most commonly asked question of, "How did you guys start dating?"  It was quite random and not particularly in "the plan" for either of us.  Bryce and I had gone to high school together and vaguely knew who each other was, but that was the extent of it.  We were friends with different groups of people and surprisingly enough for as small of a school that we went to, I don't think we ever even spoke.  

A few years passed, Bryce served a mission, I attended college, blah blah blah.  Bryce returned from his mission this past summer while I was currently living at home finishing up my bachelor's degree.  We both went to institute one night and a group of us ended up talking outside after.   And okay, well, I have this thing where I like to tease all of the returned missionaries who were super awkward around girls and ask them if they want to hold hands or something.  So I was doing my usual teasing and went and stood by Bryce and tried my hardest to make him squirm being so close to a girl, but to my dismay he was completely at ease and I was not even bothering him in the slightest.  

After that night we kept talking at ward activities and he eventually got my number (from the bishop I might add) and we started texting.  Every time we would text it would just be small talk and get to know you stuff.  I guess you could categorize me as a somewhat impatient person, so one Saturday we were texting I was sick of waiting for him to ask, so I finally asked him first if he wanted to do something that night.  He insists that I had barely beat him to the punch and he was going to ask right when I did.  I guess I will give him the benefit of the doubt :)  We went to a football game and then watched a movie at my house after.  While we were watching the movie I was getting nervous and fidgety and wondering if he was going to make a move or anything.  A little ways into the movie he looked at me and said "Hey can I trade you spots?"  I was slightly confused and asked hesitantly "Umm...sure?  Why?"  He gave a suave reply of "Well, I kind of want to cuddle, but it's easier to watch the movie and cuddle if I'm on that side."  I laughed but agreed and I guess that's where it all began.

I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked him. I definitely had no plans for a relationship in my near future, but it just kind of happened.  We started seeing and talking to each other every few days...which quickly turned into every day.  This went on for a few weeks and at this point I kind of started having a freak out...if you know me this isn't really that surprising.  All I have to say is poor Bryce.  He was so patient with me through the whole thing.  Once we started seeing each other almost every day I got scared.  I think I was scared of how right it already felt and how much I was liking him.  In my head this wasn't good because I wasn't planning on this happening to me for a few more years...(like you really get much choice in the matter anyway, but I thought I did haha). So I got scared, freaked out, and....I broke up with him :(  Not a proud moment for me, but it was a good learning experience. I was able to figure out my feelings and where I could see things going, and I surprised myself at how much I missed him.  Four days later we went for a drive and then had a...dun dun dun...DTR (define the relationship) where we decided we were officially "dating."  BIG step for me.  After this, obviously there were still a few bumps and kinks to work out, but things just sort of fell into place.  We were engaged on Christmas (that story will come in a later post) and are going to be married in the bountiful temple on March 10th.  Hooray for us :)  I am so excited and couldn't be happier!